Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We Go Straight to the Exception

We cast a big net when it comes to finding exceptions in loans we on-board and service. Using a “big data” approach to managing quality, we perform daily exception-based analysis of every loan we service using more than 600 business rules applied to 10,000 loan-level data elements that are updated each day.

Nothing slips through the net thanks to BSI ASSET360™, our proprietary life-of-loan decisioning and loan management platform. It's RegTech that enables us to examine every loan every day for imperfections in documentation and condition before they become problems. Reports produced by ASSET360 are used in compliance testing, exception reporting and data integrity management.

By zeroing in on loans with potential performance, compliance or customer documentation issues, we are working smarter to manage operating risk and improve loan quality. We accomplish more and spend less, which delights our clients.
The Big Idea
Exception processing is a smarter way to manage quality.
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