Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Get Closer to Borrowers with ePresentment

We use ePresentment to deliver information that is digitally tailored to individual borrowers. Communication is more timely because we eliminate the delays in postal mail. We can produce statements and announcements that borrowers can view on any electronic platform.

Borrowers can engage when they want and how they want. And our lender clients now have a new channel for marketing to their borrowers. It's a marriage made in heaven.

Enhancing the borrower's online experience is core to our mission of helping our clients form lasting relationships with their customers. We are improving information liquidity to create a more personalized relationship and to provide borrowers choice and control.

To our way of thinking, ePresentment is more than technology; it's a strategy. And a way to build lasting relationships.

It doesn’t hurt that it we're making our planet a little greener.

I invite you to view demonstrations of our borrower portal and our new mobile app.
The Big Idea
ePresentment enables closer relationships with customers.
Let your Account Manager know you would like to use ePresentment to market to your borrowers.

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