Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Quality? Check.

Our quality control auditors are incredibly detail-oriented and steeped in lending regulations and guidelines. Today, we complement their insight with an automated checklist that digitally scores and reports loan file exceptions and details the QC steps that were applied.

Digital scoring is based on a number of criteria, from government regulations to agency guidelines and business best practices. Scoring helps guide auditors to exceptions while providing clients a final checklist of what was addressed during QC.

Quality control audits are produced and delivered through BSI CARES, our configurable order management platform that ensures the efficiency and consistency of the QC process. Clients receive reports that detail exceptions at the Area of Accountability (AOA) level while meeting investor standards. 

Digital scoring does not replace human judgment. But it does add a new level of integrity and transparency to the QC process.
The Big Idea
Digital scoring burnishes quality control.

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