Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A New Way to Look at Loans

Each day we load 10,000 data elements that pertain to every loan we service into BSI Asset360, our advanced analytics and reporting platform. This gives us unparalleled visibility into loan status, condition and performance.

Asset360 is RegTech, part of a new breed of information technology that enhances efficiency and creates transparency. Using predictive and rules-based analytics, it enables us to identify issues before they become problems, presenting us a granular view of the portfolio down to the loan level.

Using Asset360, our clients see the forest and the trees. They can view the current status of any loan in their portfolio. They can track loan workouts, including dates and milestones. With the help of Asset360, the discussions we have with clients are not only about loan status, but the steps we can take to improve it.

RegTech unmasks risk. Asset360 is RegTech that powers a cycle of continuous improvement to reduce risk and improve ROI. It's working smart, not hard.

The Big Idea
Transparency enabled by technology creates choice and control.

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